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In the modern age, people do not want to get old. Research shows that people would not mind getting old; they just do not like the effects of getting old like wrinkles, loose skin, dementia and the list goes on. (Contrary to popular belief, people are not interested in immorality). Cosmetic surgeries are an answer to these problems presented by aging and other issues. However, it should be noted that people use cosmetic surgeries after undergoing trauma or due to some disorder which shows scarring or irregular toning of the skin which is necessary as a part of rehabilitation process.

Cosmetic surgeries – A boon to medical science

Despite the popular belief, cosmetic surgeries are boon to the society. It helps people who had undergone trauma and had disfigured themselves to change their looks and regain a sense of self and walk freely in the society. There are people who have fire related injuries and have burns which are corrected using cosmetic surgeries. There are individuals fighting skin diseases like hyper-pigmentation, Vitiligo which can take a toll on their self esteem due to their looks which can be rectified with treatments like pigmentation treatment prahran. There are other plastic surgeries available for people with burns and other issues. Lipo-suction is one of the best methods available for a patient with obesity and is struggling to lose weight but is rendering impossible because of a medical condition.

Cosmetic surgeries – A curse to humanity

It is well known that people often relate cosmetic surgeries with reasons of fashion and looking young. No one actually uses cosmetic surgeries to rectify a disorder. There are treatment plans like skin peel and spray tanning which basically changes the color of your skin with the help of other agents like chemicals. It should be noted that there are surgeries like Lipo –suction which is misused by people mainly teenagers to make themselves look thinner. There are breast and ass enhancement and reduction surgeries which are solely used for beautification purposes rather than medical purposes like victim of breast surgery using implants. Apart from theses, Botox treatment is one of the terrifying plans available and it has an alarming mortality rate despite which people still prefer them because they are used in removing wrinkles and those processes.In conclusion, it can be seen that there is pros and cons o cosmetic surgeries and the lines is blurred in determined whether it is a boon or curse. However, it should be noted that people are not just sent into operation theatres to get cosmetic surgeries, there are pre-surgery and post-surgery psychological and physical assessment people have to go through (as seen in other surgeries). These assessments screen out patient with Dissociative disorder or other personality disorders and people who are physically unsuitable for a particular surgery.

Cosmetic Surgeries – Boon Or Curse

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