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Joint in human body or animal body can be defined as a structure which connects the two parts or bones of skeleton system. It enables the bones to move to a certain limit while maintaining the stability of both bones. Each and every joint of human or animal body is as important as the bone itself because without joints animals or humans would have been the stiff bodies lying around, unable to move or bend. There are numerous joints that can be found in human body varying from finger joint to elbow joint, from hip join to knee joint and many more such joints. However, the topic of our discussion in this article is going to be particularly about knee joint surgery done by great knee joint surgeon


The literal meaning of joint is something that connects two or more than two parts. In biological world, joint can be defined as a link or connection between the bones of a body. These joints enable the skeleton system to function properly. Joints are classified into various categories depending upon their composition and functionality. On the basis of functional classification there are three types of joints which are known as cartilaginous joints, fibrous joints and synovial joints. Similarly, on the basis of their structure joints can be divided into three types which are; diarthrosis joints, synarthrosis joints and amphiarthrosis joints.

Knee joint surgery and its types:

Knee joint is one of the most fundamental joint of human body which not only allows the lower leg to move but also provides the enough stability to whole body weight. Walking, running, sitting, standing all comes under the category of knee joint activities. However, sometimes our knees get affected due to various disorders and needs to be operated. These disorders can be osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hemophilia, etc. 

To treat these disorders knee joint surgery is done by knee joint surgeon. A knee joint surgeon performs four basic types of knee joint surgery depending upon the condition of a knee joint. There is a total knee replacement surgery which is most commonly used method, in this method; surgeon replaces the surface of a thigh and shin bone. Second type of knee surgery is known as partial knee replacement surgery in which only one side of the knee joint is repositioned. Then there is hip replacement Melbourne in which the under surface of knee cap is replaced. Lastly, there is complex knee replacement surgery, which is done in extremely severe arthritis case.


Joints are the connection between two or more than two bones which allows the movement to your skeleton system while maintaining its stability. Knee joint is one of the most fundamental joints of a human body but sometimes it gets affected with disorders. To cure these disorders a knee joint surgery has to be performed by a knee joint surgeon. There are basically four types of knee joint surgeries. “David Slattery” is one of the best orthopedic surgeon who is expert in operating knee joint disorders.

The Basic Knee Joint Surgery By Knee Joint Surgeon

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