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Boots are an integral feature of ones work ware, they are extremely important as they protect your feet against harsh climatic or work conditions and against injuries. For this it is important that the boot that you have is of good quality.  

There are numerous types of boots that are available at IWW and some of the categories are: gumboots, safety shoes, non- safety shoes and many more. The first category of boots available is gum boots. These boost are also known as wellington boots, named after Lord Wellington. These boots are usually made of rubber and are water proof. During the nineteenth century, they were worn by rich aristocrats and were a symbol of social class. However, today their use and its attached connotation have changed completely. These boots are knee high in length and are ideal to use for workers who work in mines, in chemical industries, for agricultural work on farms and in many more areas and fields, where there is a risk of injury and feet need to be protected.  

One of the gumboots available at the IWW store is a gumboot by blundstone and its model number is B025. This pair of boot costs sixty-five dollars and has a waterproof steel cap. These gumboots are grey in color and are made out of a compound that is composed of PVC and  nitrile. It is resultant to any acid, oil and chemicals. Some of the bones in human feet are very delicate to protect them; the boot is lined with a cushion pad internally. This protects your feet by reducing the pressure that can otherwise be exerted in stressful situations.  If you are interested about fxd boots you can visit https://www.iwwdirect.com.au/fxd.

The upper layer is designed such that it acts as resilience against extreme cases, such as an injury. These boots are easily washable, so if they get dirty, don’t worry that they are forever spoiled, you can wash them and they will be new. The boots have been designed such that people who have a broad bone structure can also wear it and be comfortable. The sole and the base are super strong so that your foot remains stable and grip is maintained under all circumstances. This pair of boot has been made in Tasmania and is certified according to Australian standards for footwear. It is available in sizes five to thirteen according to Australian and UK shoe chart. 

Under the category of work boots near me, IWW has a Puma relay black which is a must have. This pair of boots cost one hundred and fifty-nine dollars and the model number is (643837). They are designed with impulse foam, i.e. a technology that increases the comfort and stability of your foot as cushioning is increased. The best feature is that it is vegan rated, for those how don’t know what it means, it means that no animal material has been used during its manufacturing. The boots have a metallic outlook and are a must wear if you are travelling.  

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